Adding a very human note to a musical event, singers convey their own personalities through their performances. Choose from a range of voice types – or select a vocal ensemble to expand the sound for your special occasion.


The highest of all voice types, and often the purest cleanest tone. Powerful and emotive, sopranos deliver a thrilling sound, perfect for ceremonies.

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A deeper, more rounded tone than that of the soprano. Very rarely the operatic heroine, usually in a supporting role, mezzo-sopranos can add a mellow note to your event.

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Usually the operatic hero, with a thrilling romantic tone, the tenor has the highest male voice. Lyrical or dramatic by turns, tenors produce a fine, supple sound.

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A deeper tone of male voice, with flexibility and quality of tone. Encompassing lead characters, close allies or even villains, baritones offer a rich and sonorous sound.

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Even deeper than the baritone!

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Vocal Ensemble

A sound that promises power, unity and excitement.

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