Explore the variety of sound experiences available to you through our instrumental performers.  Benefit too from the wealth of expertise of our musicians, who can bring direction and clarity to your musical plans. Playing as soloists or in groups or ensembles, they can enrich any occasion with live music.


Evocative, arresting, dancing or agitated, strings often set the emotional tone for a piece. Choose from a range of instrumentalists to enhance the mood of your event.

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Piano / Organ / Accordion

Does your chosen venue already have a piano or organ available? Looking for a flexible, maybe also atmospheric, musical solution for your event? Keyboard instruments can provide just that. For those venues without a piano, we can provide an electronic keyboard, if necessary.

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Do you already have your musicians, but need some extra help to pull things together? We also represent arranger/composers, musical directors and conductors.

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Brass players - dramatic, full-bodied sound, brimming with pomp and circumstance

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Percussion instruments, pitched and unpitched were believed to be the oldest musical instruments, following the human voice.

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Woodwind instruments are a family of musical instruments in two types: flutes and reed , which define how they produce their sound. Woodwinds can be either soprano, alto, tenor or bass.

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