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What is Classical Musicians Scotland?
Classical Musicians Scotland is the first agency of its kind in Scotland, representing some of the finest vocal and instrumental talent in the country.

We provide emerging and established professional performers for any kind of event across the United Kingdom. All our musicians are from or based in Scotland, and perform regularly on the classical music scene.

We are also a dynamic agency, providing highly experienced musicians for a variety of venues and events. We’re committed to meeting the needs of both promoters and musicians in providing a singer or instrumentalist, soloist or ensemble for any occasion.

Why should I choose live music instead of recorded music for my event?
Weddings and funerals may use taped music, but any ceremony is made more special by the addition of a classical musician, and provides an extra sense of occasion for those present – equally important in marking the start of a life together, or in marking the passing of a life well-lived.

What kind of occasions suit live music?
Almost any you can think of! Here are some suggestions:

  • Weddings, funerals, birthday/anniversary celebrations: where music is an expected part of arrangements but you still want to have a quality performer
  • Corporate events, fund raisers:where organisers want a ‘luxury’ element that a live musician or ensemble can provide
  • Local music society events: looking to book quality performers who can bring a wide repertoire of pieces to suit all tastes
  • There is a desire for an experience of live music, particularly in parts of Scotland with less ready access to concert halls, but where communities can provide a performance space and an audience
  • Despite the recession – perhaps partly because of it! – people still want to be entertained, perhaps to expand their musical horizons, and on occasion to be transported beyond their immediate situations. Classical music is a wonderful vehicle for doing this.

Will live music work in the venue we’re using?
Our musicians have performed in concert halls, theatres, churches, town halls, village halls, schools, hotels, restaurants, clubs; at outdoor events, weddings, funerals, parties, fundraising ventures; as corporate entertainment or film accompaniment. If you have questions about how to make this work, or any special arrangements relating to your venue, please contact Daisy (details below).

Why use an agency to find a musician?
Musicians want to perform, they love what they do and they want to share their talent with an audience. Classical Musicians Scotland wants to facilitate this process by providing talented and respected musicians for all sorts of venues and occasions across the country.

Why choose Classical Musicians Scotland?
In April 2011, as a consequence of managing her own groups, Daisy decided there was a need for the first Artist Management/Agency in Scotland which would promote professional musicians, emerging and experienced, who were based in, or from Scotland.

Because of Daisy’s experience as a performer and promoter, she is the best person to advise you as to the correct musician: singer/instrumentalist, soloist or ensemble for your occasion. She also has a wide knowledge of repertoire in order to help you choose the perfect music.

If you would like some help in making your choice of musician, or even just for some further information, please contact Daisy (details below).

I’m a classical musician – can you represent me?
If you are a professional musician based in Scotland, with at least two years’ experience since leaving music college, and would like to be included in the Classical Musicians Scotland website, please contact Daisy (details below).

Daisy Henderson

About Daisy
After many years as a primary teacher, Daisy Henderson became a soprano in the full-time chorus of Scottish Opera from 1996 – 2005, and continues to be employed by them on a freelance basis.

She manages and sings with Opera Alba, Coro Alba, The Ivor Novello Story and Trio Serenata. She has also performed as a soloist in concert in a huge variety of events.

She has sung with Glasgow Cathedral choir, and teaches singing privately in addition to deputising at Glenalmond College.

Contact Daisy
Email: daisy@classicalmusiciansscotland.com

Phone 0141 942 0023 / 07798 926508


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